Friday, January 13, 2017

Alive in 2017

It has been 4 years.
So much has happened, so much has changed and yet so much still feels the same.
Just kidding.
E V E R Y T H I N G  is different.

My previous business, White Lyme had run it's course and jumped out a window so we begin anew with the name Holland Sunshine. My name is (still) Sierra, however.

Holland Sunshine is the perfect name and the name that will last as long as my hand gyrates enough to create. Holland Sunshine opened a few months ago in full swing at [[ Fancy URL to come soon ;) ]]

I feel as if I have so much to say and share about the glories of my day, my kids, my thoughts, my home, my art - yet they are so simple. My life is so plain and at the same time that in itself is the reason I believe I feel so much joy. 

Bare with me as I begin my blog again and share with you the curiosities and complexities of my life as a mother, wife, artist, and advocate for Down Syndrome. 

 Below are some of my favorite pictures taken by me during my absence.

 Damien & Grant at Keewaydin Island

 Feeling the muggy humid air just saturate through his skin

Valentine nonsense, when he used to sit still for at least a minute.

 Easter shenanigans

One of the first times REALLY laughing
 First birthday party - loving his new car 
 more car love

Close ups

Easter dinner with my family

We just can't get enough of the boat, we are SO thrilled and SO happy

 We LOVE turning 1. There's so much happiness flooding our hearts.

Kisses. The best kisses in the whole world come from babies <3

This image is exactly every reason why no one wants to be an adult. 
Being a kid is the best thing in the world.

 Snapped a pic right before they took my baby away for heart surgery.

 Day 4 post op. 

 Day 5 or 6 post op & back home already.

Riley lookin cute :D
Damien (n): Lover of hats

 but it has to be more than 1.

 sibling love

 Happy baby = Happy mama
 Mall date with Riley
 Driving the car on the dirt roads
All packed up and ready to move out of the swamps!

Hanging with our favorite cousin.

 Gingerbread house building shenanigans.

 Babies + dogs + airplane spotting = <3

what I'd give to be a kid.

 His favorite stuffed animal.

Pure cuteness

Sunday, May 12, 2013

2013 Mothers Day

So I pretty much thank my mom like all the time, but I just love her. She's just so cool and amazing and humble. I just can't thank her enough for everything she does  :)

Thank you for being a good person, you taught me to appreciate.
Thank you for being appreciative, you taught me to be happy.
Thank you for being happy, you taught me to smile.
Thank you for smiling, you taught me to love.
Thank you for loving me, you taught me to trust.
Thank you for trusting me, you taught me to be honest.
Thank you for being honest, you taught me to listen.
Thank you for listening, you taught me to be patient.
Thank you for being patient, you taught me to be kind.
Thank you for being kind, you taught me to be supportive.
Thank you for being supportive, you taught me to be strong.
Thank you for being strong, you taught me to believe in myself.
Thank you for believing in yourself, you taught me to be a good person.