Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My Automobile Passion: Ch. 3

Bigger is always Better
Back to the Chevy dealer I go. But this time, by myself and with a load of money :) This time around, they suck, the sales people suck, their deals suck, and they become unworthy of my business.
 Oh and I should mention that one month before that accident happened, I co-signed a 2002 4-door, Chevy S-10, for that ‘boyfriend at the time’. Meaning that in my vehicle history alone, I purchased 3 cars from them within a four year period. My mom, in that same time frame, about four cars. Thats a hell of a lot of business that they have now lost out on. 
So I leave and go to a Dodge dealership. Their service was great and their deals were great. The sales guy takes me around and shows me a black, 2005 Mazda RX-8. It’s beautiful, it’s fast, it’s a car and it’s black. I ask him if he has a Chevy truck. He takes me to the back where they just got in a brand new 2005 Chevy Avalanche.
I buy it. 
This thing is a beauty. 5.3L, V-8 engine. White paint. Black fender flares. Chrome wheels and side steps. A Bose stereo system… and to top it all off it did not have the black plastic trim that all the other Avalanche’s had.

I was so proud of her, she was a beast. I deserved her. Even though I had gotten money from the insurance company to put down on it, I still worked my butt off to make the payments and put gas in her. I cleaned her every single day. My mailman actually stopped to tell me one day that I owned the cleanest car in Naples (he would see me every morning polishing her up).
I took very good care of this truck. Or maybe it just seemed like it because she could actually handle my lead foot. By now, I was 20, more responsible and a much better driver. I was also in a different place in my life. I wasn’t going out on adventures every night anymore. I depended on my vehicle. I was now working full time, taking four to five courses in college and maintaining a home and two dogs. The bills were piling up and money started to get tight. It was costing me almost $320 a month in gas to drive this ‘phat’ hog around :)

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