Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My Automobile Passion Ch. 4

The Bittersweet Revolution
So I begin my research. As I said earlier, much more responsible now :) And becoming fairly car savvy might I add. I decided I wanted an SUV again. Something good on gas. Something dependable, affordable and to my liking. I found out that the Jeep Patriot’s are the SUV’s with the best miles per gallon to vehicle price. So the search went on. I don’t buy new cars. And the Patriots had only began production in 07. I went to the Dodge dealership. They would not take my Avalanche as a trade-in. I went to five other dealerships – all giving me the same crap. Can’t blame them though, gas was sky high and everyone was trading in their trucks.

I finally found a dealership about 100 miles away that would take my truck as trade in for a, white, 08 Jeep Patriot with 13,000 miles on it. I made my mom and boyfriend at the time rush up there with me the same day. I went home a happy girl. Sort of. This car was not something I wanted, it was something I could afford. Being responsible had already become so boring. I liked the $30 gas bill every time I fueled up.
So anyways, almost four years later, this car is still alive and parked in my driveway. She’s made it through some swampy rides, weekend ventures, long road trips and the pedal to the medal moments I thrive on. 
I actually topped 110 miles per hour in this little 2.4L 4-cylinder Jeep. 
She’s really not that bad. 
She’s just so ‘cute’ and it drives me crazy. Since the bargain for her was due to finances, I refer to my creamy vanilla (since it is not Chevy white) ride as the ‘jeep skate.’

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