Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Conflict

I've been on my grind...
I work as a slave at an auto parts store.
I must say, I am kidding 
[ in order to keep my job ].
...i know people must think my job’s so easy.
My job duties just consist of, first and foremost, giving every customer exactly what they need to be WOWed at their experience at my store. { This aspect of my job is usually achieved right when they walk in the door and see a girl getting their parts } :) 
Teaching, training, coaching and enforcing proper procedures from my "minions" [ haha ] 
Also a joke! 
Ordering, receiving, delivering and returning parts for customers. 
Telling customers what kind of car they are driving, finding out why their check engine light is on, finding out why their car isn’t starting, finding out why their car is making a weird noise, finding out where their fuse box is, finding bad fuses for them, finding out that it’s not the fuse and it’s the fuse module control box, finding out which bulb is bad, finding out that it’s not the bulb and it’s the socket, finding out where their coolant goes, finding out that they have the wrong coolant in their car, finding where any other parts are located in their car, and then explaining to them what these parts do, why they need them, why they need to buy the right one, why the right one usually costs more, why different cars have different parts, why it matters what kind of brakes are in the rear to get them the right ones for the front, why the front and rear shocks are different, why it matters what year their car is, why it matters what kind of car they drive, why they cost as much as they do, why they can’t just hand me a part and I go ‘find it,’  and why I won’t install it for them for free.
Well we do install things for free such as batteries, light bulbs, wiper blades, relays, fuses – the ‘easy stuff’ - just not the “major” stuff.
Then, on to doing displays, endless paper work, scheduling, inventory, finding lost parts, finding why parts aren’t where they should be, why the part in the box is an old used one instead of a new one, scrubbing tons of greasy surfaces and battling cockroaches, spiders and ants all day. Yes that means I’ve survived changing the battery under the backseat of a cockroach infested car. YUP that sort of sums… oops wait I forgot to mention that in between all that I am assumed (by the customers) to be a mechanic
( W a I t,  S I e r r as  a  m e c h a n I c ? )
No. Sierra is not a mechanic.
Not by any means. I don’t even change my own oil. I mean I could, I could technically do plenty of things, it just doesn’t mean I do it well, and I really only do things that I know I do well. So basically I am, by my own rights, NOT a mechanic, for your safety and mine. I wouldn’t drive your car after I changed the piston rings on it. I mean I’d drive it, but you shouldn’t. I love destroying cars. That’s almost a specialty of mine. Just ask Ma! :) Except I really like to keep the paint job looking pristine! Kind of a fetish of mine. {For an inside look on my specialty please visit the ‘For the Thrill of the Ride’ post}.
Before we continue, I really feel I should explain to you that I have O.C.D. tendencies. Yes, I’m not an overly compulsive freak, well not currently in this phase of my life. I used to be very obsessive. I use to actually vacuum, mop, scrub my house every day, clean, vacuum, wax, polish my car every day, and lint roll, steam, iron the bed sheets, curtains and blankets every day and if that decorative pillow on the bed moved… well you get the picture.
I have found new priorities in my life but yes, my closet is still color coordinated according to sleeve length, my kitchen pantry and fridge displays all items with the labels facing directly at the viewer and I will repeatedly place the remote back in it’s designated spot no matter how many times he moves it. J
Those “tendencies” may never depart from my being, but I don’t mind.

Do you ???

Anyways, back to the cars…
I applied to work at the parts store so I could learn about vehicles. After I got my license, I wanted to become an automobile designer. I couldn’t get enough of it. To me, having, owning, driving a car was the greatest freedom in the world. They are a powerhouse of energy, machinery, technology, and really have a distinctive appearance compared with most other technological forms, in my opinion. I wanted to learn more about them. So I started working for the auto parts store. I quickly found out that cars are much more complex than any, non-mechanic, seems to be able to comprehend.

While I am still fascinated at their technology and machinery and their bodacious bodies, I do not want to have a career in the automobile industry. For now, I truly do love my slave job at the parts store because I get to learn something new every day and help other people learn about the thing they put the wrong fluids in.

But in the end... "Happiness isn't about getting what you want all the time, It's about loving what you have" 
-Asher Roth 


The Wolf said...

I love your articles they are so entertaining. its my favorite thing to do when i have some down time.

Sierra's White Lyme Shoppe said...
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Sierra's White Lyme Shoppe said...

Thank you! I have thus succeeded in my blogging endeavor :)

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