Thursday, January 26, 2012

My Art: Intro

       My escape
       is through 
       any medium
      that leaves
       a mark on
       a surface.


          I love to explore.

Most of my exploration takes place on the canvas. 
Well not exactly. 
I will mar any surface I am permitted to have an effect on. 
I love cardboard. 
And paper. 
Anything that can readily be molded I will transform. 

Display for Work
Made mostly from cardboard
Thoughts of life and fantasy swarm through my mind all day. My artwork is like my way of learning how things work, why things are the way they are and how visual sensations can be transformed through the body – out through the arms and fingers - and into my own personal representation of them. Our brains and eyes transform every object, every sight into something our nervous system can comprehend.

Basically I just can’t keep this all in. It has to find a way out. Which is most likely why I never used to like selling my art. It was always so personal to me. Each piece was so much more than a memory it is an experience. 

An experience cherished to the very depths of my soul. Up until recently I couldn’t transform the act of painting and admiring a final product into a publicized exhibition or a buyer’s fair.
I must say that selling that first painting was such a relief for me. It gave me the strength to grow as an artist.
 It was great to see someone appreciating my work -besides me and having them want to spend money to own something that I made, something I personally cherished and valued. 
Being able to sell my work has opened a lot of new doors for me. 
Primarily being able to clear up some space in my crowded apartment! My walls are covered and my closets are packed. 
Secondly, it allows me to have hopes in achieving my goals. This is not a cheap 'hobby' and being able to make some money on it helps me to keep making progress in my techniques and skills and save for the ultimate goal of owning my own gallery. I can try using different methods and experiment with different concepts and colors. Concepts and colors that don't just appeal to me. I can learn new ideas and new passions. 

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