Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Bio

Enough of the mush!
So anyways, I’m really not an open person.

I don’t like talking about my ‘feelings’ or rather admitting my lack there of. Some people think that makes me cold. Maybe I am. That means they just don’t know the real me. I am friendly to everyone I meet.
At First.
I like having fun. 
But if you're rude or arrogant, you will just annoy me. Basically, as long as you smile back at me, you are in my good graces. 

I hate that I can’t infuse my tone of voice through these typed letters. I know, me personally, am much better when face to face with someone. I thrive off of nonverbal communication. After all, how well did you expect to get to know me from a few scrambles of the letters on my keyboard.

I think I'm a totally different person at work. They don’t need to know the real me anyways. I’m sure they already know more than they wish, after making me spend 40 hours of my week reiterating repeatedly why things go where I say they go and the constant ‘re-dispersal’ of my OCD ‘thoughtfulness’ throughout the store I work at.

My tone of voice and the animations I make usually help in making me a much more interesting person than I am. I don’t find too many people seriously attracted to my art, YET. More often they are interested in my strange gestures, what I usually refer to as, my animations.

The most common positive feedback I get from people is in regards to the smile that is tattooed on my face, and I don’t mean that literally, otherwise I doubt people would say I’m not like their weirdo artist cousin, but in the fact that I seriously can’t wipe this damn grin off my face. It never goes away, even if I’m in the middle of a horrific battle with a demon. Not that that’s ever happened, but I’m using that as an example of fighting with a loved one :)

Maybe it’s the countless years spent in customer service, or maybe, just maybe it is because I have been fortunate enough to grow up around the strangest, most supportive group of people I call family. 

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