Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The characters

The family syndrome .
So family. Yes family. This is where I become serious.

Family Reunion
Tygart Lake State Park, WV
Many people have it, some can honestly say they appreciate it. Family to me is too remarkable for words, spoken or written. The word love is a family term to me. Love means unconditional, love means forever, and not in the ‘I can divorce you when I’m unhappy type of forever’, but in the type of forever that exists in a timeless hole in space. Not much can be used as a comparison because even our tattoos, or our planet won’t last forever. 

There are two things that do not break or falter in my life: Family and Love. I know they have me and they know I have them. But I must say I have been called a hippie and therefore I share love often, willingly and repeatedly. I have a knack for finding good souls and those good souls receive this love. 

Therefore, the neighbors I had since I was born, they are family, the step-father and his two kids my mother chose to love, are family. 

Family are the one’s you typically don’t have a choice with… And with that being said, the one you do have a choice with, a life-long partner for instance, makes for a complicated perception of family. 

However when I say I do to my significant other, that means I accepted him as family. So no matter what happens between us hence forth, we are loved, eternally by each other. We have put our choice aside and decided that we didn’t need choice or options, all we need is each other, and a little dog named Charlie :)

Charlie, my miniature black lab, is one amazing dog. Maybe not to everyone else, although everyone else does seem to be  impressed by her cuteness, but to me she is everything I could ask for in a dog. Stinky, furry, loud, obnoxious, crazy and rude. 

Yep she’s awesome! 

The perfect dog! 
But that’s what she is, she’s a dog! 
I asked for it, I went to the shelter and adopted her, I decided that I needed a furry crazy creature running around in my house. 
So now I treat her like family :) 

And she is eternally loved! 
She will never be without. 
She will be loved, forever. 
And honestly, she does know this. 

In fact, today comes and sits next to me, leaning up against me as always, rolls her head backwards and looks at me. Then she in her own awkward way acts as if she is struggling to scratch her own ear, all the while grunting and staring at me. She’s adorable and she knows it. 

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