Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Plot

Ive Decided to BloG.
Bless your heart for reading this
FUNNY, I never thought I’d ever see this day come. But it’s here and I shall embrace the chance to share who, what, why and how I am who I am.
Notice I left out the where :)
Maybe I’ll throw that part in later.
Really just because this will be much more entertaining to me. I plan to use this as a form of stream of consciousness writing. Did you ever have to do that in school? I love it. It’s kind of like therapy, and inspiration, simultaneously.

If you don’t know me, my name is Sierra Benson. And that was probably one of those most literate sentences I’ll write, not because I don’t have a college degree or the gift to receive scholarships through perfectly written persuasive essays, but because, like I mentioned before, this blog is for my entertainment and because in between sentences I have to entertain this furry creature that is staring me down.
I’m the artist that no one sees as the stereotypical ‘weirdo’ with tons of piercings, tattoos and an outrageous vocabulary to describe all the mysteries of existence. I do have some tattoos, after all I am an artist.

FUNNY, when I tell people I have tattoos, they seem to be more accepting of it, just on the mere fact alone that I make art.
The five I have consist of very meaningful, symbolic designs that I created to represent family and my personal idea of freedom. 

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