Wednesday, February 29, 2012

DIY: Free Website

 I have to share pure simple FREE goodness with you all.
Somehow I came across this website called WIX. And this is what I saw...

RIGHT! I was like NO WAY! 
But being in 'the market' for a website, as our many of us nowadays, and likewise FREE is like the greatest thing on earth... 
and totally over-exaggerated by just about every retailer.

 I clicked the 'EXPLORE' button, and this is what I saw.

A few examples of what people have done with their product.
Amazing Right! 
Some of those just look too good to be true!
So I browsed some themes and this is what I came up with...

Now I'm sure several of you could probably do MUCH better with the endless tools they have available at the [[free]] push of a button. 

It's really pretty amazing. I mean you have to pay to get your own domain name... 
but that sounds reasonable... 

Until then you can find my WiX site at 

...Kudos to WiX...

My Art: Ch. 6

It doesn't get much better than some good ol' fashioned mud rompin'! I've had my fair share of muddy nights and whats that thing Hank Williams says... "It's a Family Tradition." 
So if you know me you know how much I love automobiles, or maybe you've just read that from my other posts but anyways here's one of my latest paintings I've put on Etsy.

I always have these wild images in my head of how abstract I want to create the vehicle, then I always end up getting too detailed (for examples of this click here). I was so happy how this one turned out! 

So now would you please tell me story! 
That's what I say to my fiance sometimes before bed or especially when I'm sick :) 
He's the greatest at making up stories on a whim. I love how creative his stories get when he tells his daughter stories before bed. 


I made this print available in four color choices:

& here's a sneak peek at a new painting that should be listed by Friday. 

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My Art: Ch.5

I'M BACK! My blog has been acting up for over a week now and it is finally fixed! I tried messing around with HTML codes and I think Blogger seriously disliked and was like errrr... your html codes SUCK & so does your inability to copy & paste ---- DENIED! So I don't know how exactly it started magically working again but either way its up and I am overly excited =D Yay!

I have been so busy though, I've been designing websites - which may come as a surprise, especially after the previously mentioned statements, but yep people having been calling on me left and right to set up web pages for them. I will fill you in on that later though.

So here you have it. The shop has two new listings! The one below has been sitting in an unfinished state in my studio for some time now and I finally just had all the right mixture of creativity and determination to get it to the point where I am loving it. I've also started a new thing of adding a creative blurp about each piece in regards to the way I identify with each piece.

"It was time to find a simple form of expression for the leafy view I desired. Out upon the window sill, a fancy leaflet entertained my whimsical fantasies. The textures alone gave a feeling of the earth of which I had never been able to experience from the second story of my apartment. The filmy residue on the leaves and the raw unfinished texture of the window sill created an unusual visual translation in my mind. I found the canvas transforming into bark and the leaves forming a waxy sheen. "

"The Bloom" close-up view
"The Bloom"

This painting has also been sitting in my studio for about a week, completely finished, but I have been enjoying the sensuality and lust this painting provokes. 

"Swallowed whole by the sun, a lazy breeze crept through her hair, slowly imploding a mental gust of relaxation. She felt beautiful and at ease with her being as a whole. The loneliness had never given such arousal for her, but in this moment she was accompanied by the gentle sound of the wind and the touch of sun upon her skin. The sweet songs of natural world filled her mind and she was set free."


"Nude Red head"

Monday, February 13, 2012

My Art: Ch.4

Hello again! 

I wanted to share with you a great way to use some leftover paper to make a card, or cards depending on the amount of scraps you have and the effort you want to put into this. 
So I have stacks of those awesome books of paper you can get from Michaels (which I always buy when they're 50% off). You know the one's with all the fancy paper. Those are amazing. They've come in handy so many times. Not to mention some of them are absolutely beautiful.... 

Moving on though... 

I found some great paper and decided to make a birthday card for my granddad. I had gone to the stores and was just bummed by the one's on the shelves. Especially at Walmart. I think Walmart sells the worst cards ever. Where I'm from, the best place for finding great cards is at the car washes! Either way, I just wanted to make my own. I knew what I was looking for in my head. Something colorful and sweet, something gentle enough to bring a smile to my granddad's face without all the mushy gushy crap or the standard bunch of balloons next to the awful happy birthday font. 

     My granddad was aboard a ship during most of his enlistment in the Navy, so 'ships at sea' types of images spring to mind when I think of him. 

...........and this is what I came up with!

 I think my Grandma may have loved it more than he did..... not that he didn't like it but my Grandma, who loves the cards I usually make for her {except this year :/  oops!} was in awe over it. 
She absolutely loved it "Aww! You're so lucky!" She says to my Granddad when he shows her the card. Then looks at me and reminds me how much she loves my cards and how she saves all of them :) 

[[Oh, I just love them!... my grandparents!!!]]

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My Art: Ch.3

I've been missing out on the local car shows and it's been bumming me out. 

This past weekend there was a huge car show in Naples that I missed because I had to work and then go to a wedding. In fact just to rub it in my face, I'm driving to work at 7:00am and FIVE different 1970's sports cars pass me. If I hadn't already sent my RSVP to go to the wedding - I would've picked the car show. There is nothing I would rather do than go to a car show, especially here in Naples. The cars are amazing down here. People hide the most awesome cars in their mansion sized garages. 

So In the mourning of these foretold events, I have created my newest print. 

I truly had a blast making it. Maybe one day I could work for SEMA, or some other cool company that gets to swoon over nice cars all day. 
For now, I'll continue screeching at the hoopties I get in the parking lot at my work.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

50 things I love

Family always comes first. Nothing is or ever will be more important than family. This is a part of my life that does not measure up to anything else in my world and could not live without.

#1 Painting & making art
#2 1950 Chevy trucks
#3 McDonald's Mocha Frappe's
#4 My Dog Charlie
.... Ok so the "rating" things stops now... She's definitely #1 or #2. While I could survive without her, life just wouldn't be as enjoyable :)
#5 Writing
#6 Lilies
#7 White kitchen cabinets
#8 Red Kitchen appliances
#9 Colors
#10 Being able to see
#11 Chevy Avalanche's - white preferably
#12 MY homemade sweet tea - My mom's used to be good then she started putting less sugar 
#13 my grandparents' fetish for West Virginia EVERYTHING
#14 Flowers in my house
#15 the ocean - which is the gulf of mexico in my world
#16 EarthSeaWarrior's birdcage airplant - which I am dying to own!! ------------------->

#17 most furry creatures 
#18 Oscar Wilde quotes
#19 Shel Silverstein books
#20 Chex Mix muddy buddies
#21 anything that makes me laugh
#22 Walking my dog
#23 Music - especially Cee-lo, Panic at the Disco, M.I.A., Deftones, The Postal Service, NIN
#24 big soft comforters
#25 fuzzy socks
#26 other people cooking dinner for me
#27 LIFE cereal
#28 wood
#29 learning
#30 kids
#31 teaching kids
#32 college courses (not the exams tho)
#33 texting - I hate talking on the phone
#34 when my mom texts me back :)
#35 driving
#36 going 4wheeling & mudding
#37 going camping
#38 a clean house
#39 'The New Girl' with Zooey Deschanel < the only tv show I really like > ------------>

#40 traveling
#41 road trips with my sister because she is the best GPS ever!
#42 fires - especially the multicolor ones :)  {{secret}}
#43 the smell of clean clothes
#44 really hot showers
#45 people who don't lie
#46 really really smart people
#47 when I'm cooking and remain consciously aware of the fact that I'm cooking through the entire process and nothing ends up burnt {{ i hate cooking }}
#48 being outside
#49 parents that are supportive and good to their children
#50 how awesome my family is

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

My Art: Ch. 2

Photographing the Dog

Charlie, when she WAS allowed on the bed. Unfortunately not any more :(

Yep. Thats a string of drool from her mouth. She loves her toys.

laying with my pup

She's so photogenic :)

Swimming at the Dog Beach!

She's such a lady

Few days after I got her. She doesn't fit in the seat with me anymore lol

She loves to play with her paws. She scratched my fiance on his eye tonight lol.

She's so sweet though, you just can't get mad.

Charlie at 5 months.

She's got major puppy eyes.

See what I mean?

Charlie with the toy her Auntie Brittany bought her! 

Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming.

She's such a good cuddler.

More puppy eyes.