Thursday, March 15, 2012

My Art: Ch. 8 + one bad dog

So I found this wonderful app on my Android phone called PicsArt. It does all these cool things and I'm really only beginning to learn. I decided to play around with some adorable little pics of my pup, who has been absolutely wonderful for the past week that I've been glued to my computer working... That is of course, until today... just before I decided to sit down and right this post. 

I was cleaning out the fridge so I had the garbage pail out in the open while I was dumping all the old yucky stuff. I threw a piece of steak in the garbage, turned around to check out another container in the fridge and looked back and noticed some crumbs on the floor. Hmm... now crumbs on the floor, or even just anything gross on the floor like that, does not happen in my house. 

So I go looking for the dog and there she was, inhaling that steak. Half of it was already gone and I managed to pull the other half out of her mouth. So now she is in her cage. :( Too bad cute pup it's for your own good. I really hope she doesn't get sick, that steak had been seasoned pretty heavily in order to make sure my fiance would actually like my cooking for a first... lol jk. He loves when I cook, that means he doesn't have to. 

So on to the artwork... 
I rearranged my office studio and finally found a place and a use for this piece of wood my step-dad gave me. It needed a little altering however and so I decided to try out a transfer technique. Well I actually tried two. I tried to transfer the words "TELL ME A STORY."

 The first technique was done with hairspray. Using a video here. And the second technique I had found online somewhere using water. The water actually worked better than the hairspray. If you look at the picture below the word TELL was done using the hairspray technique, and the rest with water. Either way I like it, I might end up fixing it with a different technique but this is good for now.
Oh and the cute little frames in the bottom two pics are from Michaels. I snagged them for $1 each! I just love them! I haven't put anything in them yet but I plan to. 

The water technique was fairly simple. 

- First I printed the words I wanted to transfer (backwards, so they transfer properly). 
- Second I taped the words down and used a paintbrush to make the paper slightly wet. Don't over-soak it.
- Third using a pen cap I rubbed over where the letters were to make the ink transfer. 

I also created a new painting.
I haven't listed to sell it yet, partially because I really connected with this piece (and no the girl in the painting is not supposed to be me), but also because sometimes I just like to enjoy my pieces before I let them go. I've been really into teal blues lately and I love the mixture of color in this piece paired with the text on the striped paper. This piece brings me inspiration. I dream a lot about becoming successful with my art and this is like a reminder that nothing is impossible.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

My Art: Ch. 7

I have two new prints this week! Well last week... I've been a little slow on updating this. I had so much fun with this piece below. It took some trial and error getting this piece to print out in optimal quality, but it has been perfected and it prints out great! Plus I got a brand new printer!!! And I must say it is absolutely fabulous. I found an Epson Artisan 1430 that prints up to 13" x 44" with amazing quality. It holds six ink cartridges! ...I will upload pictures of it soon. I got a great deal on it from Staples... I love that place :) 

Enough of the rambling, here's the images of my two newest prints. AND I have made them both to be customizable to your needs. First and foremost thanks to my awesome new printer I can match almost any color accurately, and secondly because I love to create pieces that my customers love too, which means providing you with the right colors to suit your needs.

And this print, which was inspired by my baby sister, who is having her own baby and wanted something like this for her daughter's room. 

Monday, March 5, 2012

My Art: Ch.6 + one BUSY Week!

This has been one busy busy week for me. And on top of all the million things to do, I caught the flu from my beloved fiance, who loves to share everything with me :) I think this nasty bug is going around, but I think I was the last of everyone I know to catch it. Today I have finally begun to feel better... except for the aching in my ears which completely throws off my equilibrium and leaves me wandering around in a confused state almost constantly.

So enough with that, here's a new painting I did as a custom order for my cousin and her daughter. I just love how sweet this painting is and the simple quote "you are loved," as requested by my cousin who always tells her daughter this ❤ 

So in between all the sickness and other nasty stuff I managed to take a trip to Narnia a.k.a. my Sister's backyard, Where slobbery dogs and fearless tortoises run freely. I step through the blinds and slider to find this HUGE fella climbing over the approximately 12" high wooden 'fence'. My sister tells me to push him back off the thing but I'm nervous thinking he'll try to bite me so he falls over it and she has to pick him up and put him back :/ eek. 

So now this little pup's name is Nova. She's deaf. and fairly dumb. but I'm sure my perception of her being dumb is not a fair accusation. She is an adorable breed, she just likes to jump and chase you. I didn't get a good picture of her other pup because he was hiding in the shady corner of the yard. He's an English bulldog named Pumba.  

Thursday afternoon I spent a few hours at my mom's helping to prepare for my sister's babyshower. She is 8 months pregnant and still working two jobs. Needless to say after that comment she is having a wonderfully healthy pregnancy. She had found these wonderful DIY paper mobiles from the Creature Comforts Blog that she wanted for decor at her shower. After my sister and I's several failed attempts earlier in the week we decided to resort to Mom's expertise! And of course mom saved the day due to her sewing machine bobbin threading genius and we were able to create the mobiles!

 And after a long busy week, my poor puppy need some play time of her own, so to start the week off right I took her to the dog park this morning and boy did she burn off TONS of energy! She's been laying around the house all day!! (Which is why I've been able to write all this!)