Thursday, April 26, 2012

My Art: Ch. 13

I have three new prints in my Etsy shop and on my website. Some of you have probably already noticed but my '' is officially selling my paintings and prints. 

I used IndieMade to create a seller's account and the ease of use of their site is phenomenal. I read a lot of the Handmadeology articles and he talks a lot about the importance of having your own website. I completely agree. IndieMade is definitely the better choice for me, although I still like Etsy. People who want to buy handmade know to go to Etsy, they don't know how to find my shop in Internetville, although I must admit I've been pretty impressed with my google rankings on some of my work. For example if you google image search 'chevy 3100 print' BAM! Mine is photo #5, that perty orange truck :) ---------------------------> 
Now that brings my customers to Etsy not to my new website. So I have to wait and build my website up to get google rankings like that. 

Anyways enough of the marketing babble, here's the 'Nature is a Beautiful Thing' print. I captured this photograph on the road trip with my sister in 2011. We went to West Virginia for a family reunion and saw this 'scenic view stop' and got out to take pictures. It is severely captivating for a Floridian to look off in the distance and see the 'ground level' at various heights. I think I might of had a mild stroke. ;)

And Print #2. 'Follow Your Path.' This is another photograph from my 2011 road trip. I took this during one of my daily walks through the park. We stayed at Tygart Lake State Park and I have to say it was the best vacation I have ever had. I would love to go back some day. I would actually love to live there, as long as I don't have to work. Because I don't want to have to shovel/scrap/de-ice anything to go somewhere I'm obligated to go. But the views, oh the views, this place is like heaven. 
So then I follow my path and it leads me back to beautiful Naples... Warm and flat :)
and let's welcome the next print...... 'Hey Sailor!' This one is adorable and would probably go best in a nursery or child's room. I think it is so cute though. My 'regular blog readers' (if you exist) might remember the card I made for my granddad? Well that card inspired this print. I want to make more 'oceanic' type prints, I mean after all I'm a Floridian and I LOVE the ocean. 

Mr Art: Ch. 12

Today's lesson is photography. No I'm just kidding. I'm not teaching photography, although I do hope that maybe you'll find some inspiration from these photos!

So a few days ago, my fiance gave me some pictures of his daughter that he really liked and wanted to hang up in the house. I figured I would do some photoshop magic on them and make them extra special. A few months back I had purchased the "Forever Yours" Overlay set from Volume. 25 and played with some of the overlays to create this picture. 

Using this as inspiration and a trial run of my awesome new overlays, here's what I came up with for the pictures of his daughter.

My Art: Ch. 11

I love LOVE these two new paintings. They were fun to make and it really felt 'right,' like I was following that instinctive creativity. Let's just say, I wasn't going 'against the grain.' Piecing the papers on the canvas and then layering paint to get just the right texture and hue :D 
So I'm really not a pink person, I just dont like pink, I never really have. I'm not a girly girl. BUT I dance when I'm alone, like no one's watching (and hopefully I'm right). It can't be a pretty sight, dancing is not my talent, I'm one of those 'awkward' people, well I think I am. 
This isn't a self portrait though, it's deals more with self-reflection and exploration. I'm too shy to dance like no-one's watching and you'd never catch me in a dress like that. ha. I love this piece for the mood it creates and the messiness that the layers create. It's quite a contrast between this fancy girl dancing and the messy, colorful, ripped, layered background. 

The second painting is pretty much the same technique, acrylic paint, scrap paper and permanent marker on canvas. Again, so much fun to do and I'm very happy with the results. I guess when it comes to my artwork, I like a sort of messy, collaged look. And I love text, I remember ever since I was in middle school I wanted to add words in my art and most of the time the sketches that I did during class were my favorite because of the combination of text and drawing. And who knows, maybe I am starting to like pink a little. lol 

I think they look great together too. I really love the bold black edges, I think it makes for great contrast. I think I will be sad to see these two go if someone were to buy them. I am selling them individually though, while they look good together, they are not a set.

There's my office! Looks so bright and colorful!
I just love that section of my studio! 

Monday, April 16, 2012

❤ Spreading some Handmade Love ❤

Here I have composed a wishlist. A handmade wishlist. A list of all my desires. A list, a certain someone should definitely be looking at :D jk 


Organic Lavender Filled Rain Cloud Mobile Nursery by YourZenZone, $79.00
Organic Lavender Filled Rain Cloud Mobile Nursery by YourZenZone
Unity - Fine Art Photography  24 x 18" - 30% Donation to World Food Programme
Unity by GlassKissinCreations
Tough Girl Silver and Smokey Topaz Dewey Decimal Vintage Card Catalog Luxe Necklace - Smokey Topaz Drop and Gunmetal Bow Charm
Tough Girl Silver and Smokey Necklace by WrittenNerd

Zipper Pouch Cosmetic Bag - Orange Chevron with Cadet Blue Flowers
Zipper Pouch Cosmetic Bag by allisajacobs
One That Got Away - spring fashion - womens t shirt - MEDIUM - birdcage print on Alternative Apparel heather moss pony tees
One That got Away by blackbirdtees

Bookends - Orange - laser cut for precision these metal bookends will hold your favorite cookbooks or books
Bookends - Orange by DesignAtellerArticle
Toy Alphabet Letters - Magnetic
Toy Alphabet Letters Magnetic by JaneeLookerse
Purple Lace Ribbon Japanese Masking Tape Set of 3 - 15mm
Purple Lace Ribbon Japanese Masking Tape Set of 3 by PrettyTape
Old Truck Wood Toy
Old Truck Wood Toy by Abby702

Brambles by UlaFish (this one is not from Etsy)

Kotare - a blue bird original watercolour
Kotare Blue Bird by ellaCute

Unique Leather Cuff, brown red, wrinkled leather forms
Unique Leather Cuffs by prettyviolets

My Secret Garden  an original drawing fine art by ABitofWhimsyArt, $90.00
My Secret Garden an original drawing fine art by ABitofWhimsyArt


Bohemian Blush Wedding Gown- It Must Have Been the Roses
Bohemian Blush Wedding Gown by Clairelafaye
Sterling Silver Personalized Mens Ring Band
Sterling Silver Personalized Mens Ring Bang by monkeysalwayslook
This is obviously something for my spouse... not me :)

I love love love that little keychain on the left. That is adorable. 
Vintage Upcycled Mr & Mrs Wedding/Anniversary Silverplate Handstamped Cake Fork Set With KEYCHAIN- ETERNALLY YOURS pattern
By: Sissy's Pretties on Etsy
More beautiful goodness can be found here 

Thursday, April 12, 2012

My Art: Ch. 10

Hello!!! I am so excited to introduce three new items!

The first, below, is titled DNA Strand. It is an abstract print. I started off making this on my phone using an app called Sketch n Draw. It is amazing and has some very cool tools that photoshop and my other drawing software doesn't have. After, I had to load it into Photoshop to make some final changes. Anywho, I hope you enjoy!
DNA Strand - Abstract Print
RNA Formation - dark background

RNA Formation

The painting below has been done for sometime and I have been waiting for the time to photograph it. I loved making this piece, absolutely loved it! I started with the yellow guitar form on the side and then decided to make the white (behind the text) a little more layered and 'worn' looking. Then I added text and placed some black string in the guitar.

Sometimes Music is the Only Sound We Need

Friday, April 6, 2012

My Art: Ch.9

I have a lot of new art to share. I have been working away slowly but surely on tons of things. First of all I have finally fixed the layout of the artwork above my couch in the living room. I sold the painting "Nerve Traffic" which was the centerpiece and had to rearrange everything.

So without that large beauty in the mix... I came up with something like this....
and yes that black blob in the bottom left corner is my pup. She has to lay on the top of the couch, almost like a cat... she is so weird. But as for the layout, I am totally diggin it. I think it looks wonderful. I was stumped for a while on how to get all these pieces to mesh into a collage and I am happy with the final result. 

Below is the SPLAT series. I wanted to create something a little more simple. I think I have a tendency to overwork just about everything and I really wanted to focus on color and shape. Each print has a quote to sort of 'break up' the background. I couldn't just leave a big splat!!!! It needed something else... and therefore they each say something.

Paint it on your heart that every day is the best day ever.
Say cheese and smile.

Nothing is black and white.
Love is the greatest thing on earth.

Click to view on Etsy

So I realized that I was completely enjoying the old school beats they had blastin on the radio one day coming home from work and started thinking of how funky and vibrant the rap scene was about 20 years ago. (Kinda what Outkast does all the time ;) Any who... I love when Notorious B.I.G. breaks it down in his deep voice and says "I'M GOING going BACK back TO CALI cali" wanted to reminisce a little and create something vibrant and wild. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do. 

I'm going back to Cali - Print
close up

And one final thing... 
I am now offering 11" x 14" prints for only $5.00 more! 
I have found an amazing paper supplier out of California who makes the most beautiful canvas paper I have ever seen. I seriously just want to curl up with it and never let it leave my side. It is the greatest thing on Earth, and so is the company who supplies it!