Thursday, April 26, 2012

My Art: Ch. 11

I love LOVE these two new paintings. They were fun to make and it really felt 'right,' like I was following that instinctive creativity. Let's just say, I wasn't going 'against the grain.' Piecing the papers on the canvas and then layering paint to get just the right texture and hue :D 
So I'm really not a pink person, I just dont like pink, I never really have. I'm not a girly girl. BUT I dance when I'm alone, like no one's watching (and hopefully I'm right). It can't be a pretty sight, dancing is not my talent, I'm one of those 'awkward' people, well I think I am. 
This isn't a self portrait though, it's deals more with self-reflection and exploration. I'm too shy to dance like no-one's watching and you'd never catch me in a dress like that. ha. I love this piece for the mood it creates and the messiness that the layers create. It's quite a contrast between this fancy girl dancing and the messy, colorful, ripped, layered background. 

The second painting is pretty much the same technique, acrylic paint, scrap paper and permanent marker on canvas. Again, so much fun to do and I'm very happy with the results. I guess when it comes to my artwork, I like a sort of messy, collaged look. And I love text, I remember ever since I was in middle school I wanted to add words in my art and most of the time the sketches that I did during class were my favorite because of the combination of text and drawing. And who knows, maybe I am starting to like pink a little. lol 

I think they look great together too. I really love the bold black edges, I think it makes for great contrast. I think I will be sad to see these two go if someone were to buy them. I am selling them individually though, while they look good together, they are not a set.

There's my office! Looks so bright and colorful!
I just love that section of my studio! 

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