Thursday, April 26, 2012

My Art: Ch. 13

I have three new prints in my Etsy shop and on my website. Some of you have probably already noticed but my '' is officially selling my paintings and prints. 

I used IndieMade to create a seller's account and the ease of use of their site is phenomenal. I read a lot of the Handmadeology articles and he talks a lot about the importance of having your own website. I completely agree. IndieMade is definitely the better choice for me, although I still like Etsy. People who want to buy handmade know to go to Etsy, they don't know how to find my shop in Internetville, although I must admit I've been pretty impressed with my google rankings on some of my work. For example if you google image search 'chevy 3100 print' BAM! Mine is photo #5, that perty orange truck :) ---------------------------> 
Now that brings my customers to Etsy not to my new website. So I have to wait and build my website up to get google rankings like that. 

Anyways enough of the marketing babble, here's the 'Nature is a Beautiful Thing' print. I captured this photograph on the road trip with my sister in 2011. We went to West Virginia for a family reunion and saw this 'scenic view stop' and got out to take pictures. It is severely captivating for a Floridian to look off in the distance and see the 'ground level' at various heights. I think I might of had a mild stroke. ;)

And Print #2. 'Follow Your Path.' This is another photograph from my 2011 road trip. I took this during one of my daily walks through the park. We stayed at Tygart Lake State Park and I have to say it was the best vacation I have ever had. I would love to go back some day. I would actually love to live there, as long as I don't have to work. Because I don't want to have to shovel/scrap/de-ice anything to go somewhere I'm obligated to go. But the views, oh the views, this place is like heaven. 
So then I follow my path and it leads me back to beautiful Naples... Warm and flat :)
and let's welcome the next print...... 'Hey Sailor!' This one is adorable and would probably go best in a nursery or child's room. I think it is so cute though. My 'regular blog readers' (if you exist) might remember the card I made for my granddad? Well that card inspired this print. I want to make more 'oceanic' type prints, I mean after all I'm a Floridian and I LOVE the ocean. 

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