Thursday, September 13, 2012


Tonight I was just scrolling down my news feed on facebook, for lack of anything more valuable to do and that is only because I've caught a cold and will not do anything half-assed, and being sick makes the effort a little less than par. But anywho, I found inspiration in a work-in-progress watercolor by Paul E. Bradford, which can be found on his facebook page, and somehow these words fondled their way into my brain. I am most content when I feel inspired, because I love that feeling that comes when you desire to create.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Summer of Change

Yeah I guess it could be, but in my case, it is not. 

Not beautiful, that is.

Three months since I've written and all I have to show for it is...

filthy cars,

and an A-plus job at a repair shop! (I'm being sarcastic) 

Ahhh, but the joys that go with those things- 
three happy people in a home with stools and blankets everywhere, 

 a kid that's learning the joys of caring for a dog, 
cars that have taken us to so many fun places, 

money to buy the things we need, 

and a new job at a place that's not open nights and weekends, 
which means more time for.......
planting flowers 

collecting sea shells,

going for walks,

having slumber parties,

walking to school,

 and spending time with family, 

In my case, change has been anything but beautiful, in the ways most perceive it to be, but we have a very happy and complete home. 

The only part of my life that is not dirty any more is the new job at the repair shop, and nope I'm not working there as a tech, cuz like I've said before I'M NOT A MECHANIC! I sell stuff, I don't install stuff :) 

.... Not saying my new jobs any easier, or your cars are any better, just saying that I don't physically get myself dirty touching your hooptie anymore. 

Anywho, life has been grand. It's such a joy having my step-daughter around. Kids are crazy and wild and make adults just act nuts! I feel like I've ventured into a third dimension sometimes when she's like 'Let's pretend we're werewolves. Will you go hunting with me tonight?' 
Yeah anyways, maybe we watch a lot of movies too. :)