Thursday, April 25, 2013

Poems: Bittersweet

This ol' truck's resigned. So I need a new ride.
That 2.2 Liter engine needs serious attention.
Need somethin that ain't charred. Some wheels to push hard.
That divine chemistry does a number on me, what a sweet melody. 
Like the sound of music, I come alive when I'm cruisin.

I just want a silverado, to travel to eldorado.
Where I'll meet a magician, I'll keep in my kitchen,
Till he grants me two wishes and scratches my itches.
Get a big ass old truck, romp around in the muck,
then we'll swim to the shire and build an empire.
We're smokin' the tires and igniting the fires.

Then I woke up to some change in a cup.
I'll have to go cheaper, and find me a keeper.
I'll get me a blazer to travel through nature.
To and from campus where I learn to paint canvas.
That 4.3 Liter Engine, gives me more to mention,
as I fly off the streets and run from police.

Till one day I'm riding alone, on my way home, to get ready for work, surrounded by jerks. 
A magical creature appears from the speaker, with heavenly features and explains the procedures. Just climb up the steps and pay your respects at the pearly white gates and ask for the weights, place them on the scale so God may avail. I climb up the steps and await the consent.

Unexpectedly, we're back at the scene, the bitch behind me clipped my new SUV. 
Three flips in my ride, land on the wrong side
I crawl out the space, that just defaced
my driver door window and my screams just bellowed.
No words in my brain to describe all the pain.
I'm so fucking devoid of that last bit of joy I had driving my toy.

My life's up in flames as I'm screaming in vain.
I hear her telling lies as she tries to deny why her hooptie collided with mine.
The medics encage me but I won't let them take me.
Not a mark on my skin, all the pain is within.
I wish God had taken me in.

Now, I'm cooped up in a Camry and I feel just like bambi,
Till the settlement check pays for my rent 
and finances the debt I'll never regret.
A big white shiny new truck. Never needing to give a fuck.
That 5.3 liter engine sounds just like heaven.
She's got all the bells and whistles and the power of a missile.

Then the bills settle in, it's all getting grim. 
The gluttony with my money made me buy a new heap
and now im imprisoned inside a white sheep that claims it's a jeep.
Oh, it's so bittersweet.

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